Knowledge Base Redesign.


eBay overview.

eBay was in the process of updating their knowledge base platform, making it nimble, accessible, and responsive for their employees and customers. I was responsible for creating the new layout of the Customer Service Knowledge Base by rewriting the CSS, making it responsive and up-to-date. I also doubled as an graphic designer and created their new logo - CSKB, infographics, announcements, and posters. My time with eBay was fantastic, knowing that what I helped create is being used globally amongst the customer service team with ease. I was responsible for the “Favorites” section in the CSKB, because we know we all have our favorite answers.

eBay CSKB logo

I had the pleasure of creating the logo for eBay's Customer Service Knowledge Base - CSKB Of course I followed the eBay style guide for basis, kept it simple and clean. This logo has been used internally and externally for print and web. Yes, those are my glasses.

CSKB Dashboard

Yes, I also had the pleasure on being part of a great team to create the new dashboard their knowledge base is using to answer all your fantastic questions on how to sell your wonderful products or buy someone else's. This is now being used globally. Lot's of QA involved, but was well worth it on delivery.

CSKB Dashboard

An HTML5 / CCS3 mock-up for the internal team of the knowledge base to comment on for usability. After adjustments and approval, this later went on to the development team for production.


One of many infographics explaining what exactly is happening with the data gathered by the Knowledge base. Broken down by country and by open requests, this gives an visual answer of the numerical volume of requests happening per week.

CSKB Announcement

This postcard is an example of the knowledge base redesign announcement that went out globally to all CSKB users. A new fresh and functional look of their CSKB dashboard. We even had cookies baked shaped like the CSKB logo, no lie.

Everything is Designed

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