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Branding and promoting.


Molding Box overview.

Molding Box started out of a young entrepreneur's garage. I was asked to come in just after they moved into their first small warehouse to spread the word on their services. We soon moved to a much larger warehouse which I had the opportunity to design the exterior signage, interior signage, and help out with the interior design. Yes, I was busy, but loved every minute of it.

As a start up company I took charge of creating their new website and sub-sites. Maintaining all social media extensions, links and updates. Responsible for all print collateral, billboards, and trade show booths. Also created the building custom fabricated outdoor sign and all interior graphics. Listed as an Inc 500/5000 company.

Molding Box no longer exists due to the short life of the entrepreneur who started his dream.


Branding Logos and Call-To-Action graphics were used quite a bit to brand the Molding Box. We worked hard to come up with something clean and simple that would stick around. As you will see, we branded the hell out of everything we could get our hands on.

Website - informative

This is version one of their site. Version two was in the process of being built in a responsive, content row scheme.

The project was taken over by aliens.

National Ads

This is an example of the humor we used with the humdrum task of shipping important packages. It defininitely caught your attention and made you feel for the bride and the recipient who happens to waiting for her somewhere.

Signs + Billboards

Like we said, we had to spice up the warehouse, package, and shipping doldrums. With a little creative brainstorming, we added some silly liveliness to shipping your next package.


NOTE: Not actual size. We came up with so many promo items that their customers where sometimes asked if they were sponsored by Molding Box.


A logo created for one of the subsites we also ran at Molding Box.

We warehoused, packaged, and shipped - everything.

Everything is Designed

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