Crime Reports

Nationwide Identity.


Crime Reports overview.

Public Engines, the company that created CrimeReports was in located in their tiny office in Sugarhouse when I joined the team. My role was give them an identity nationwide with ads, emails, videos, and a revised website. I led the design of the marketing website for CrimeReports and CommandCenter. Created the UI for the CrimeReports iPhone app. I also doubled as an art director and designed everything from the invitations, national ads, icons, and html emails.

National Ad

CrimeReports was just announcing their new iPhone app at the time, we so we came up with a clean infographic type ad notifying potential users how many police agencies would be inputing data in real-time. Plus, the app was FREE!

iPhone App

Created the UI and icons for this masterpiece. This tool is useful for anyone from a home buyer to a nosey neighbor.

Nationwide Invite

Invitations to all the police chiefs in the nation, these "evidence bags" included information to our booth and a chance to win a gift. This invitation was a hit, man.

Product Pages

An analytic tool for police agencies to save time inputing data rather than filling out paper work. This is now being sold in the UK also!

Everything is Designed

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