Projects - CrimeReports


My role at CrimeReports

Public Engines, the company that created CrimeReports was in located in their tiny office in Sugarhouse when I joined the team. My role was give them an identity nationwide with ads, emails, videos, and a revised website.

I led the design of the marketing website for CrimeReports and CommandCenter. Created the UI for the CrimeReports iPhone app. I also doubled as an art director and designed everything from the invitations, national ads, icons, and html emails .


I joined a team of twelve developers, so I was the go-to-guy for anything involving CSS or layout. We shared concepts, goals, and limitations to reach our solutions. I was the only guy with a tan.


Creating an informative website to educate the public and possible client (police chief) to streamline their data in real-time. I created sketches, wireframes, and mock-ups from the shared ideas gathered at our daily morning meetings amongst my team of developers.


After creating the proper wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and extensive QA - I would deliver the HTML/CSS to the development team. I would supervise the build and answer any questions.

Design and Launch

When the development team has taken my design into their build, tested, and QA’d - we launch. Before that we prepare with emails and national magazine ads.


The support team for CommandCentral will set up the database over a secure network connection with ease. Leave set-up to the team, not up to the police chief. Support just made their lives much easier.

National Ad

CrimeReports was just announcing their new iPhone app at the time, we so we came up with a clean infographic type ad notifying potential users how many police agencies would be inputing data in real-time.

Plus, the app was FREE!

Landing Page - Command Central

An analytic tool for police agencies to save time inputing data rather than filling out paper work.

This is now being sold in the UK also!

iPhone App

Created the UI and icons for this masterpiece.

This tool is useful for anyone like a home buyer to a nosey neighbor.

Nationwide Invite

Invitations to all the police chiefs in the nation, these "evidence bags" included information to our booth and a chance to win a gift.

This invitation was a hit, man.