Projects - Certiport


My role at Certiport

Certiport presents World Championships for global competition that tests students on their skills of all natures. The competitions are held for Microsoft, Adobe, and AutoDesk.

The top scoring students from around the world are invited to represent their countries at the World Championship. There are also National Championships that are held in each country students are required to participate before entering the World Championship.


Creating easy to navigate responsive websites with the majoroity of the information on the one-page home page. This can easily be viewed on any device or desktop without much digging through pages of information.


Gathering previous years information and sites for reference, gathering new and updated details for upcoming year, new graphics and style guides. Using a Wordpress format to make updates in the future a breeze with minimal effort once the intitial set-up has been completed. Wireframes showing planned content placement, call-to-actions, and images.

Design and Launch

Working on 2 to 3 sites simultaneously, installing themes, plugins, backups. Moving dev sites to live environment and testing. Ready for next year, success.

Microsite - Microsoft World Championship

This site was created to gather students from all over the world to test their skills in a global competition.

Created in Wordpress for easy future updates and to accommodate all devices and desktops.

Microsite - Microsoft continued

We built this mainly as one-page site, with just a few necessary external links.

The visitor will get their information without having to leave the page or wait to load another.

Microsite - Adobe World Championship

This site was also created to gather all the students from all over the world to show their creative skills amongst one another.

Created in Wordpress for a responsive response on all devices and easy updates.

Microsite - Adobe continued

A one-page design for easy navigation and all information for the most part. Great for mobile devices, where load time is limited.